Wednesday, February 24, 2010

just for fun

A few weeks back when I was tossing up ideas for the baby boy's onesie, I came up with this logo of 'the boy', which my brother helped me to polish up- thanks Tim! To cut a long story short, I decided to go with the striped onesie instead. Then later I thought some of you might like it to use it. Maybe its more your style, bold and out there rather than subtle and sweet?

You can stencil it with freezer paper (Dana's tutorial here). Or,  I have even reversed the images on the second page of PDF so it can be printed onto Iron on Transfer paper, cut out and ironed directly onto garment. 
I found that ironing it onto stretch wasn't the best idea, the imaged seemed to crack a little as the fabric stretched. So, one solution might be ironing it onto plain white woven fabric, then stitching it to the garment. Or you can try the reverse applique technique (which is what I've done on this outfit... don't look too close, very rough!).

don't you just want to squeeze the boy!


ok ok, enough of the photo's mum. My eyes are blinded by the light!

And a side note for those of you that live in Australia:
I have found that Spotlight now sells Freezer Paper for stenciling at the cutting counter. You can buy it by the meter, instead of having to purchase the whole roll which is just brilliant if you are only wanting to do one or two stencils!


cherri said...

Gorgeous Naomi = yes I do want to squeeze those arms and legs! My baby girl is just as chubby and I'm afraid will bruise soon if we keep squeezing her as we do!

I too recently bought Freezer paper at Spotlight. They have so much stuff piled on top of other stuff! It was cheaper per metre than buying online too!

Ansia said...

You are so clever! Thanks for your inspiration. I had go at making something out of stretch, and while its not nearly up to your standard, its at least wearable. Thanks for sharing your skills.

Now I can't wait to give stenciling a go!

Christine said...

I love it! How cute would it be to make one that says "The Man" for the husbands and then they can have Father son shirts!
Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

so sweet.

i love your blog, found you through dana's and i feel like we should def. be blogging friends.

dana said...

oh my gosh. Naomi. totally cool. That should have been my logo the whole time. brilliant!

Natalie said...

Hi Naomi. My name is Natalie, I live in Utah in the U.S., and I found your blog through Dana's. I love all of your ideas! Thanks for sharing your wonderful work and for offering the PDF of this awesome logo. I can't wait to try it out on a onesie using your patterns. Your son is absolutely darling, too!

Sabra said...

I love this SO much! With three boys, it's all about "the boy" at my house. Can't wait to use this!
Thank you!

Also, on my lame little sewing blog, I'm going to link to your info on sewing with knits. You did an amazing job and I want to share it with the small handfull of readers I have. Hope that's okay?

kristen said...

these are sooooo cute!! and so is your little model!! adorable!

Andrea said...

Ohhh... so cute. I love it. If you ever want to, you can link up at my weekly carnival Make it Wear it @! I love the stuff you make!!

Eva said...


We’d love to feature an original creation from your site on our blog

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If you have an idea of which creation(s) you would like us to feature, please let us know.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you and we are on pins and needles until then:)

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Claire said...

Oh I am CLUCK CLUCK CLUCKING looking at your little man - he is simply DEVINE! And what a fabulous stencil. I love the font & the colours look amazing with the blue.

lib said...

oh! tooo sweet!! he is just begging to be cuddled!! what a cutie!
looove the onesie!

the momma said...

I love this! I can't wait to try it out on a tee for my little man--and he's almost 8! I guess he wouldn't do the onesie...'s me, missing chubby thighs and pinchable cheeks.

Kylie said...

This is fantatic thanks for the PDF -I might have to fid some freezer paper:)