Sunday, March 27, 2011

hello autumn, hello pretty blouse

We pulled some warmer clothes out of the cupboard this morning - some with sleeves, how nice! The freshness in the air is making me feel like Autumn has set in, and I'm loving it. I was probably a little over ambitious dressing the kids in layers this morning - by lunch time they had stripped off and replaced their jeans with shorts. Oh well... it was nice while it lasted.
For those of you that have been reading along here for a while (a long long while) you may remember this sweet little blouse and pretty knitted vest. The vest was knitted by my Mum and the blouse was one I made - for Grace. Its so nice to see them back in use again!

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Three Lads and a Lis said...

they are just lovely.

It's amazing to me how the human mind works and how it moves with the seasons. Here I sit on the other side of the world reading your blog and you are ready for autumn while I pine away in the rainy, cooler weather for summer to arrive.

Sometimes I wish I could live in an endless summer, but by the time summer wanes I am ready for a change in weather and pace. Summer all year would be boring, right? :)

I hope you have a lovely fall.