Friday, March 11, 2011

pink lounge

We came home from the local op shop with this gem of a lounge. Not quiet sure what I was thinking at the time "will I, won't I, arghh... I don't know". In the end we did, and I am so glad it's ours! Now the big clean up begins. I have removed the skirt from around the base (so much dust lurking in there), done some small repairs, a thorough vacuum and now moving onto cleaning the fabric. Happy to say, it is scrubbing up a lot better than I originally thought. Will let you know how it turns out!


Cathy said...

My favourite lounge and fave armchair are both op shop finds.

The armchair was recently the seating prop for the crazybooth at a wedding Ben shot, which we were in the bridal party for (a lot of fun by the way - he's great).

Your pink one is a lovely find! And can't wait to see the loungeroom throw some day too!


Cathy said...

And a follow up question, are you cleaning the fabric?

naomi said...

I hope the wedding was a beautiful day for your friends Cathy, cant wait to see the photos! Your chair would have been a lot of fun for crazy booth!

About cleaning... I took the zip-off seat covers off the chair and got them dry cleaned. They came back today and look great! The foam seat cushions will either get a really good hose and drip dry in sun, or a napisan soak in the bath tub then the hose outside! And because the fabric is a velour most of the dirty marks seem to be sitting on the top of the fabric, so by gently scrubbing with wool wash in warm water the dust/dirt marks are coming out. I am not saturating the fabric though.
It has a bit of a dusty/old person smell about it, but I am hoping with a good airing out that will go.

Our other lounge set is second hand as well, and a bit beyond cleaning. However we love it so much (comfy and stylish... well we think so!) and are thinking of getting them re-upholstered. I would rather spend money on that than replace them.

Did you clean your lounge and armchair when you got them, or were they ok? x