Monday, March 21, 2011

the week that was

The days are passing by at such a steady pace. Sometimes I find myself wishing everything would just stop so I could surface for air. The constant rain over the weekend was welcomed by us all, for me especially. It was the perfect excuse for bunkering down indoors. Who would have thought earlier in the week we were still swimming in the pool! That's one thing I love about our climate- being able to use the pool for a good chunk of the year, even into Autumn.
The pre-loved couch has been given a lot of attention this week and is almost ready to come into the house. When the painted legs dry she can finally join us in the lounge room. We have also finished painting up the spare room (old sewing room) for Jude and are in the process of getting his furniture sorted. I think its time to move him out of the cot, so I have been working on bees waxing a lovely solid Oak bed head that I am hoping will be suitable. Will write more on that soon, but for now best be getting some rest before the new week begins...


ingrid said...

Isn't all the rain amazing! Down the bottom of the street was completely underwater yesterday.
I love the dino windowsill, it is perfect for a small boys room.

Geoff said...

hi naomi

we are loving your photo! love that 30mm lens....or is it the photographer? must be :)

looks great!

naomi said...

yes Ingrid, so so wet! Bottom of hill was flooded here too.

Thanks Geoff, it is the 30mm lens - although top photos are with my iphone ;-)