Saturday, June 14, 2008

beautiful brides

We were blessed recently to have a very special wedding in our family. Here is my handsome brother and his beautiful bride!

Speaking of beautiful brides, here is one that keeps appearing around our house. Isn't she lovely.

She comes complete with her own wedding ring (button on elastic), and yes she already knows what finger it goes on. She has also developed a new phrase 'a big wedding kiss and a big wedding cuddle'. So if she is talking to someone on the phone she might say 'Nanna, send my love to Pa and give him a big wedding kiss and a big wedding cuddle'. Too funny!

These are the silk dresses I made the girls to wear to the wedding. The pattern is from Ottobre 1/2008 "rose dress" for the pink dress. They didn't have a smaller size, so I just winged it for the blue dress and it turned out ok. I also made them a little purse/pouch to match with goodies inside to keep them entertained during the ceremony, from Ottobre 1/2007.


libby said...

wow! what beautiful dresses - i am loving your blog naomi - we started a diarama today - thanx to graces little inspiration on this blog! love lib

naomi said...

Funny you mention that, I only learnt what the work 'diorama' meant yesterday! What is yours like? Lib I really think you should start a blog, you would be awesome at it! xo

Marie said...

Naomi - those silk dresses are jsut gorgeous.

libby said...

oh thanks nae - sounds a bit scary to do not very computor smart!