Tuesday, June 3, 2008

welcome winter

Winter is here. I must say I am not exactly leaping for joy, but I am looking forward to the hearty soups and stews. Not so excited about the possible repeat of the $500+ gas bill we received last winter. If you are thinking of a fake log fireplace run on gas- don't do it!

The last few nights I have been madly tracing patterns and cutting fabrics in preparation for our weekend away. We are off to the country to stay with my folks. Its my favorite holiday getaway complete with sewing room and baby sitters, ah the luxury! Hopefully I will have more exciting photos to show next week.

And here's what happens when my husband looks after the kids...much fun had by all!


catherine said...

haha Luke's a classic.
have fun in gil. I'm very jealous.

Ansia said...

This is about what my kids look like when left with their dad, so much fun.
I look forward to your new creations!