Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We picked the first lemons off our tiny little tree yesterday, and boy didn't they smell good! Six big, fat lemons in total. We sterilised our jars and then salted up the lemons to preserve them.

If you had seen the size of my tree, you would have been amazed that it produced these big lemons! I think the tree only has three little branches in total and its growing in a pot- very impressive!

Mmmm...they do smell good, don't they Maeve. She couldn't get enough of the fresh lemony scent.

And here they are all bottled up. They need about 3months in the jars to mature, and then we are going to really enjoy them in some spring salads!

Part of the process involved rolling the whole lemons on the bench to soften them before putting them in the jars. The amount of oil they released during the rolling was incredible...I ended up rubbing it into my skin, and have I told you how good it smelt! This is definitely something I will be doing more of as the lemons keep coming.

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libby said...

they look so good i could almost smell them from here! yum! i have a friend with a lemon tree - and i think this is a healthier option than making lemon butter (which if your going to make - use organic eggs because once when i didnt the butter was green! ew scary!)all the time! thanks naomi!